Vento del Tempo
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The ensemble’s repertoire includes both: dance compositions shown by one or more pairs and entire dance performances. We restore dances from original sources. Material mainly covers the period from 1550-th till 1650-th and refers to the choreographic culture of Italy, France, Spain and England.

This historical period marked by the real flourishing of the art of dance. For the first time the ability to dance has become one of the hallmarks of noble birth and high social status. Dance schools has begun opening and dance teacher profession has gained a certain status. In the 16-th century were formed theater and stage dances, were laid the basics of the art of ballet.

Dance of the Renaissance is one of the best ways to recreate the atmosphere of court life. Colorful costumes, in which performers appear as characters, descended from the ancient paintings, splendid historical music, honed movements of graceful and tranquil dances — it all takes viewers at the time distant from the global turmoil and troubles of the modern world.