Vento del Tempo
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Ekaterina Mikhaylova-Smolnyakova Ekaterina Mikhaylova-Smolnyakova has started her career in historical dances in 2001. She has been the teacher and the leader of the ensemble since its foundation in 2006. She is also one of the leaders of St.-Petersburg Historical Dance Club, the secretary of the Historical Dance Association and a member of the organizing committee of the annual conference on the reconstruction of European historical dances of XIII–XX c. Ekaterina is also the author of the book “Dance of the Rennaissance” (published in Russia in 2010). She studied and later taught at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, then studied at the Venice International University and at the European University in St. Petersburg at the Faculty of History of Arts. Main field of her interests is the dance culture of the Rennaissance in the context of aesthetic of the period. Main field of work is teaching Rennaissance dances by regular classes and outdoor events, arrangement of performances and historical dance events management.