Vento del Tempo
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About us

“Vento del Tempo” Renaissance Dance Ensemble recreates charming visions of distant centuries in modern cultural space. We are engaging spectators and are ourselves drawn into the rich culture of the past through music and dance.

Ensemble has been formed by a group of enthusiastic historical dance amateurs led by Ekaterina Mikhailova-Smolnyakova in 2006. Currently it unites over 20 dancers, both experienced and amateur, who research history of culture, etiquette, social and stage dance, regularly attend master-classes of leading Russian and European dance-masters and make stage performances in St.-Petersburg as well as outside of it. Ensemble is a part of St.-Petersburg Historical Dance Club and cooperates with authentic music performers.

“Vento del Tempo” is involved in the following projects:

Decorations, masks, costumes and accessories are created by Ensemble members in Ensemble`s workshops. When cooperating with “Vento del Tempo” it is also possible to rent a specific costume, mask or accessory or order to create one for an event.

We are open for any creative proposals and invite everybody to cooperation.